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Use Decks to Add Beauty and Value to your Home

A deck (also called patio, veranda or porch) is the ideal solution for homeowners who want to expand their living space. It features a raised floor, railings and steps that lead to the ground level. Many a family gathering like birthday parties and BBQ dinners, have been held on a deck. Decks are one of those types of space that have become popular as more people take a liking to outdoor living.

Adding a deck to your home can help make your home more beautiful and charming. Hire a professional deck designer and builder who will help you in choosing the deck design that would complement the style of your home and fit into the surrounding outdoors. If you are looking at expanding your home, a deck is cheaper than adding an entire room.

Aside from adding elegance and comfort to you outdoor living space, a deck is one of the smartest home improvements you can make. A deck boosts the value of your home. You can easily recoup the cost of adding a deck to your home in the event you decide to put your home in the market.

A wide range of decking options, including for frames and railings, can make the expense worth it, reduce maintenance for the railing, and increase the useful life of your deck.


Framing is an important aspect of deck building. The structure must be designed to bear the require load and the frames must be not set up askew so that putting up the remaining deck features will not be difficult or impossible.

One of the more popular options for deck frame material is Duragal RHS (closed section) Steel Flooring System. This type of material is resistant to termites, can cover large areas and can withstand rot, warp and corrosion. In contrast to C-section decking systems, the RHS decking system produces a steel frame deck with no bounce.


Deck floors can be made from a variety of materials including hardwood such as the Kwila (Merbau), and composites. Wood is the most popular material for deck floors probably because it goes with any style of home. Hardwood is more expensive compared to other materials, but is very durable and are naturally resistant to rot and insects. Apply the proper care to your deck wood flooring so that it will always look attractive and its useful life will be extended.

Composites, the fastest-growing decking material today, combine wood fibres and recycled plastics such as polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. They are available in a variety of colours and can withstand weather and stains. The materials will also not splinter, warp, rot or break. Decks made of composites require little maintenance and do not need to be sanded, refinished or stained.


There are many handrail materials to choose from including stainless wire with a HW Toprail, tubular aluminium with a HW Toprail, all Glass Balustrade and standard treated pine colonial budget handrails. Whilst safety is the practical consideration in adding a railing to your deck, maintenance and decorative elements should also be taken into account. Choose a material that is durable and needs little to no maintenance while still making your deck inviting and elegant. Hire a professional deck designer and builder to find the right balance.